Over Millions of Impressions and Pops a day.
Global Inventory and Customised targeting.
Easy Sign-up.
Self-serve Platform.
XML/RTB co-operation.
Advanced Targeting option.
IAB Standard Blacklists.
Traffic Fraud Detection.
Dedicated Account Manager.
Over 2 billion impresions, 1.5 Million Clicks, and around 500 million pops a day
Worldwide Traffic Inventory with Customized Targeting
Managed service & RTB / XML co-operation
Cross-platform advertising with self-serve interface
Promoting offers and campaigns through various necks like: XML feeds,JS tags
Competitive Bids
Targeting variables- By Geo, Carrier, OS, Device, Vertical, Keyword, Browser, Contextual or Behavioural, Time frequency
Industry Standard Blacklists
Traffic Quality Management & Fraud Protection
Fraudulent traffic protection with third party support.
Landing Page URL’s and Real time reporting
Dedicated Account Manger